ARYA ENERGY was founded in 2013 with a core group that can design and build systems for all energy need with advanced engineering services and best solutions.

During the past 5-years ARYA ENERGY has established itself as an innovative leader in Solar Energy sector in Turkey by pioneering more performance enhancing design features than any other system applicators.

Set out for most accurate and most economical solutions to its customers, in the sense by being open evermore to innovation in its sector, the ARYA ENERGY that is aware of importance of deep knowledge in competition environment.

ARYA ENERGY is expert about the subjects listed below;

  • Solar home systems,
  • Solar irrigation systems,
  • Solar telecommunication systems,
  • Solar farms
  • Solar lighting systems,

Our aim is to furnish production, sell and after sale service in the “Alternative Energy Systems” we are engaged in, find solutions oriented to the most convenient requirements and to give particular importance on customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to be one of the leading firms of our country in our sector, by; that is:

  • To meet customer satisfaction, by determining the necessities and expectations thereof unconditionally.
  • To meet customer demands and legal conditions, to keep customer satisfaction at top level.
  • To realize our studies in the frame of our goals.
  • To stand on our dignity by proceeding on a reliable and reputable line.
  • To offer innovations to our customers by expanding our areas of activity.
  • To increase service productivity by training our employees continuously.
  • To adopt continuous improvement and development as our philosophy, by being not contented with the current situation, at every field.

ARYA ENERGY offers to its clients turn-key photovoltaic solutions. From financing to put the solar energy systems into use, ARYA ENERGY complete and apply the projects in its own organization.

For solar energy systems, ARYA ENERGY is giving service about the subjects below ;

MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION SERVICES : Measurement and evaluation study is basis for feasibility study. For regions where solar energy power plant will be installed, climate and field survey researchs are made.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES : In feasibility studies, all of advantages, opportunities, legal legislations, threats, disadvantages and other informations may be found. Considering feasibility, the financier will decide to invest the project.

PROJECT DESIGN : Whereafter the feasibility studies made, detailed technical project design of photovoltaic system is finished. Project, equipments will be used, installation method, connection diagrams, detailed system charts, technical business plans are included in this report.

PROCUREMENT : High quality system equipments are procured.

OFFICIAL TRANSACTIONS : Necessary legal permission and studies for required licences are obtained.

SYSTEM START-UP : Whereafter the project finished, ARYA ENERGY transfers the system to its owner.